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Industrial Blower & Fans (High Pressure)

High Pressure Centrifugal Fans

Associated for medium to high pressure blowing jet pressure, obligations in ignition or disturbance, these High centrifugal blower are offered in single or two stage developments.
Impellers are spiral or radial tipped. Typically running at higher revolutions and having high tip speeds. Static pressure going up to 1200 mm WG and drive style of immediate, coupled or v-belt sort.

Air flow (capacity) range :400 CMH to 12000 CMH
Static Pressure Range :mm WC to 1200 mm WC
RPM variation :2000 to 3000
Noise at 1.5 m distance :Less than 80 Db

These Centrifugal Blowers are available for...

  • Combustion blower for furnace
  • Combustion blower for cupola furnace
  • Combustion blower for rolling mills
  • High Pressure Centrifugal Blower
  • Material Conveying