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Medium Pressure Fans & Air Blowers

These are used for air with sticky dust & fumes with particles and with higher temperatures than ambient. these fans are maximum efficient and widely-used for dust collection exhaust & air pollution control applications.

Impellers are Radial blade or Backward inclined bladed type constructions. centrifugal blowers are designed for long last duties.

Air flow (capacity) range 500 CMH to 120000 CMH
Static Pressure Range 170 mm WC to 650 mm WC
RPM variation 800 to 3000
Noise at 1.5 m distance Less than 80 Db

These Centrifugal Blowers are available for:

  • Boiler flue gas exhaust
  • Kiln flue gas exhaust application
  • Spray dryer I.D. Application
  • I.D. suction application for dust collector
  • Exhauster application for Bag Filter
  • Suction duty for flue gas for induction furnace