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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner - Wet and Dry :

our new designed three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner is designed for continuous-duty applications where dry and light weight dry waste is to be effectively removed and collected. industrial vacuum is equipped with a powerful motor and turbine. Its main standard components include steel tank 400 mm; plastic inlet ( 60 mm suction inlet); 25-µm polyester filter and a 10-µm impregnated cellulose cartridge filter. Three rubber vehicle wheels, one of which is a swivel caster, providing ease of transport, whereas the built-in silencer protects the surroundings. Optional vacuum accessories and attachment sets are to be chosen to meet your cleaning need. This rugged industrial vacuum cleaner efficiently removes heavyweight dry debris as well as lightweight dry waste materials.

our Industrial Vacuum Cleaner use turbine blower instead of conventional blower fans, resulting in higher suction power, leading to shorter cleaning time with better cleaning results. The powerful suction thus generated enables to pick metal chips, C.I. turnings, milling/drilling burs, greasy dirt, fibres, fluffs, cotton waste and even small nuts and bolts. CNC machines, lathes, drilling machines, automats are cleaned rapidly and thoroughly without blockage of the suction hose. The unit can be used to suck machine oil/coolant or even high viscosity oils found on shop-floors. With an air delivery at suction hose end 350 cubic mtr./hr. the equipment can be used as a blower if desired. The unit is a compact, portable, trolley mounted and can handled by a single person.