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Fume Extraction System

Fume Extraction System For Furnace :

Dust Collection / filtration and Furnace Fume extraction systems are acquainted with catch the vapor and un smoldered particles of material which is produced amid liquefying and different procedures. The framework involves swivel hood for the furnace. Centrifugal ID fan and Bag filter are also provided as a part of the Fume Extraction system (FES).

Our furnace fume extraction frameworks are shown of Achieving ecological standards and emanation points of confinement by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board and Central Pollution Control Board (GPCB/MPCB/CPCB).

We offer technically propelled fume extraction systems that are extensively used to guarantee men working in the assembling plants from unsafe fumes and gasses. These systems are appropriately customized entirely as per the information gave by customers and the space accessible at site. We for the most part take additional consideration in assembling and establishment of just exceptionally extraction frameworks that can convey an ideal and reliable work yield for enduring.

MAXTECH have installed efficient fume Extraction system for following applications:

  • Fume Extraction System for Induction Furnaces in a Mini Steel Plant
  • Fume Extraction System for an Electric Arc Furnace in a Steel plant
  • Fume Extraction System for Shaft Furnaces in a Steel Plant
  • Fume Extraction System in AOD furnaces
  • Fume Extraction System on an Calcium carbide Furnace
  • Fume Extraction system on induction furnaces type).
  • Fume Extraction System on an Incineration kiln in a Hazardous waste plants.
  • Fume Extraction System on an Incineration Kiln in a Chemical Waste.
  • Fume Extraction System on an Incineration in a Medical Waste plants.
  • Fume Extraction System on a Dryer in a Copper refinery.
  • Any special fume extraction system in any kind of industry