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Dust Collector / Dust Collection System / Pulse Jet Dust Collector Cartridge

Pulse Jet Dust Collection System

Cartridge Type Pulse Jet Filter

Suitable for a wide range of utilizations that create light to substantial volumes of any dust. The vertical mount scope of reverse jet tubular bag dust collectors was produced for persistent operation in industrial process filtration and dust accumulation applications; consolidating cartridge technology for maximum cleaning effectiveness and extended life.

Air Volume Range: 1.700 to 60.000 m3/hr

Silent features :
  • Standard filter range from 10 to 972 m2
  • Typical airflow volumes up to 65.000m3/h , or more
  • Robust weatherproof welded steel construction
  • Customize design as per client's requirement
  • meet with pollution norms
  • Integral pre-separation chamber, down flow inlet air pattern
  • Wide range of discharge options
Typical dust control and process applications :
  • Bulk materials handling-conveying, screening, sieving, mixing, bin/silo venting
  • Shot, sand and bead blasting
  • Building materials manufacture and distribution
  • Dust extraction for all dry free flowing powders and granular material
  • Welding and cutting-laser, plasma, arc
  • Chemical, plastics and pharmaceutical powders

Cartridge Type Dust Collector

The minimal cartridge type dust collector with dust container bucket is capable for filtering dust-loaded air through suitable filter media capable to have dust emission level of 50mg/Nm3

The dirty or tainted air enters the dust collector through the module inlet and goes through various channel cartridges, which retain the dust particles on the outside surface while permitting clean air to pass through the module outlet.

As the collector works, the collected dust starts to form a dust cake, which eventually diminishes the porosity of the filter cartridges. As the pressure drop builds the ventilation volume of the collection decreases.

To keep up a moderate pressure drop, the cleaning cycle is utilized to give continuous cleaning of the filter cartridges. The cleaning system consists of a strong state programmable timer, which actuates electric solenoids governing the air valves. These air valves deliver flashing burst or beat of high compacted air through the complex funnel into the filter tube. This push of air makes the reverse flow of air, which grows the filter cartridges to remove the collected dust.

The cleaning methodology happens to a row-by-row basis, therefore only a fraction of total filtered air is interrupted for cleaning permitting consistent ventilation.

The dust cake pulsed beat from the filter cartridges falls straightforwardly into the bucket at the base where it is removed.

An exhaust fan suitable for air volume 1000 cubic feet for each moment and is mounted on the highest point of dust collector, which creates the negative draft throughout the procedure.

  • The complete installation is designed to occupy a minimum amount of floor
  • space and overhead room.
  • It can be assembled on site without any requirement of the expertise manpower.
  • The units are of fully welded construction.
  • It has no moving part, which guarantees a long life.