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Wet Scrubbers

Wet Scrubbers are effective air pollution control systems for removing gasses and/or particles from modern fumes streams. Wet scrubber work by introducing the dirty gas stream with a scouring liquid - typically water. Gasses or Particulate are gathered in the scrubbing liquid.

Wet scrubbers are generally the most appropriate air contamination control device for gathering both gas and particulate in a single system.

Pollution Systems offer a many types of Wet Scrubber systems, especially designed for your procedure application. Many important operating variables are considered when assessing the size and kind of scrubber for any particular application. We will work with you and use our experience and information to give the most possible solution for your procedure.

Ordinary wet scrubber systems consist of a ductwork, scouring vessel and fan system, mist eliminator, pumping (and possible reuse system), spent scrubbing fluid treatment and an exhaust stack. Current controls are used to monitor the system and make any fundamental changes.

Wet Scrubbers are essential in many industrial applications including pollutant reduction at petroleum refineries, corrosive assembling plants, chemical procedures and steel making.

Wet Scrubber Service

At Pollution Systems, we have the experience and assess your prerequisite. We have the capacity to mulling over the air and pressure drops & fluid streams, we will assess your present gear outline in respect to your procedure to evaluate the open doors for development. We can then add to an engineered solution for giving you a pollution system which will be productive and successful well into the future.