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Venturi Scrubber

High removal efficiency in a cost-effective solution. Venturi scrubbers combine with high removal efficiency, making them ideal for a broad range of industrial and manufacturing applications. MAXTECH offers a complete line of venturi scrubbers and can custom engineer any of these solutions to give you the right answer to your pollution and emissions control needs.

Features and Benefits
  • Used primarily for particulate removal
  • Recommended for exhaust streams containing particles with a defined size distribution
  • Can achieve moderate gas absorption for soluble/reactive gases
How it Works

The venturi throat is designed to provide proper gas acceleration and liquid droplet shearing to ensure adequate contact between the particulate and recycled liquid for impingement. New, larger particle/droplets are separated from the gas streams by gravitational forces and impingement on an entrainment separator installed downstream of the venturi. Throat pressure drop is a function of particle size. The smaller the particle to be removed, the smaller the throat and the higher the pressure drop.