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Axial Fan or Industrial Axial Flow Fan

Axial Flow Fans are generally utilized as a part of the shaft for tunnel ventilation or for exhausting exhaust/smoke from the tunnel. This fan will concentrate exhaust/smoke in the case of a flame. Our range of axial-flow fans is recognized by an expansive number of diverse standard designs. The diverse impeller center point breadth proportions empower us to fulfill a huge scope of volume stream rate/weight blends for most sorts of establishments. Our axial fan impellers all have aerofoil blades with high efficiencies and good commotion evaluations. The electric engines are ordinarily supported symmetrically, without feet disturbing the flow. The blade angle can be balanced at a stop, a major point of interest when (for instance) a duct system is modified.

The efficiently formed impellers are produced using corrosion resistant cast-aluminum combination - which gives a decent future for the motor bearings.

The axial fan range is a standout amongst the most far reaching of any manufacturer in the world. Different casing geometries, bringing on thickness and the material is available for the different impeller types.

Inlet Size 400mm – 2150mm
Casing Thickness 2mm – 8 mm
Volume Up to 80000 m3/h
Pressure Up to 1500 Pa
Impeller Material Corrosion resistant cast aluminum, steel, special alloys.
Casing Material Steel, Aluminum, Special Alloys.

Standard Axial Fans :

Standard axial fans are utilized for ventilation of business structures, auto parks, industrial facilities and stockrooms are manufactured for simplicity of transport, fitment and inconvenience free operation.

Our range of standard axial fans have been designed with aerofoil shaped blades, die cast in aluminum with different alternatives for connections as depicted in a detailed manner in our product handout. The fans designed keeping in mind the energy consumption, aggregate weight and minimization to guarantee that our clients get the best access in the business sector.

Maximum flow rate 96000 m3/Hr
Maximum Pressure 53 mm WC

Exhaust Duty Axial Fans